Aerobatic and Spin Training

I provide three types of aerobatic training:

  • Just for fun
  • Competition aerobatics
  • Spins and upset recovery techniques

CFI rate for spins and aerobatics is $90 per hour.

Just for fun

Most popular type of aerobatics. This is for pilots who want to see the world go around, without having to worry about precision or sequences or learning more than two or three figures. If you catch yourself saying “I just want to do loops and rolls”, this is for you.


Do not attempt to teach yourself any maneuvers until you have all of the basics mastered!

In addition to working on the maneuvers of your choice, you will learn how to recover when things don’t go according to plan.

How long, how much?

I wish there was an easy answer to this. It really depends on you. Count on a minimum of two ground lessons and three flights:

  • Ground Lesson 1 – Aerobatic overview, intro to the Great Lakes, use of parachutes, aerobatic rules
  • Flight 1 – Ballistic rolls to the left and right, one or two loops
  • Flight 2 – One or two ballistic rolls, lots of loops
  • Ground Lesson 2 – Spin theory, recovery techniques, upset recovery and botched maneuvers
  • Flight 3 – Stalls and spins from various attitudes. Abandoning maneuvers.

Of course this is the minimum and the grading criteria is consistency. You will pass the lesson when you can consistently perform the maneuvers safely.

Competition Aerobatics

See my blog post on competition aerobatic basics.

Yes, almost anyone can fly competition aerobatics. It may surprise you that you don’t have to fly them solo. You can have a safety pilot riding along. You don’t even have to have a tailwheel endorsement! You just have to be a certificated pilot with a current medical or BasicMed.

How long, how much?

Again, no simple answer here. But I flew as a safety pilot in competition with pilots who received 3 or 4 aerobatic lessons before their first flight in the competition box! It largely depends on you, your comfort and determination.
On the other hand, I’m on my 1,129th aerobatic lesson and still getting more training. Here is a video of some ground coaching I received recently.

Spin and Upset Recovery

Spin and upset recover training are part of all aerobatics. Given enough altitude, loss of control will result in either a spinning or flying airplane. Both scenarios require correct control input to minimize altitude loss or risk of structural damage. I will teach you when things are most likely to go wrong, how to recognize when they are about to, and what to do when they do.

How long, how much?

We can fly once, or 10 times. It’s up to you. We can generally get a CFI spin endorsement done in one flight and about an hour of ground training.